Our Excavation Services Across Greater Melbourne and Beyond

Excavation at residential area

Providing Excavation Services for Your Construction Projects

Whether you need to clean a construction site or excavate an area of land for your next big project in greater Melbourne or beyond, Emlac Excavations is here for all your excavation needs.

We’ve worked on various small residential projects and large construction jobs, and we’re confident that we can help you with your next project. We boast an impressive fleet of machinery for hire and assist you in many different ways.

We also supply DiamondGrid™ surface protection for free as part of our services to eliminate erosion, mud and runoff, and create a safer, more durable surface.

What Is an Excavation Service?

In construction, excavation work typically refers to the removal of soil, rock, or other terrain from a worksite. Using heavy machinery and other tools, we’re able to form open faces, holes or cavities so you and your business can complete your construction projects easier.

Here at Emlac Excavations, we offer various excavation services to people and businesses across greater Melbourne and beyond.

Emlac Excavator and truck

Which Excavation Services Does Emlac Excavations Offer?

At Emlac Excavations, we pride ourselves on offering various excavation services for your needs. Site cuts and cleans are our passion, but we can help you and your business with many different tasks – both big and small.


Pool Digs

If you’re digging a pool, we’re your people. We’re equipped with the machinery and skills for a high-quality pool excavation. You’ll be splashing about in your pool in no time.


Horse Menage Excavations

Planning on constructing your own horse area? The qualified team at Emlac Excavations has the experience to assist with this unique type of excavation.


Water Tank Excavations

As the name suggests, we can help you excavate land so you can install a water tank.


Soil and Clay Excavation

Need to start work on a project but faced with soil and clay? No worries. We’re professionals when it comes to soil and clay removal.


Concrete Excavation

Need to remove concrete effectively and efficiently? Our team are trained in concrete excavation and can get the job done in no time.


Other Site Excavations

From driveways to footings and post holes to trenches, the Emlac Excavations team can assist with many types of site excavations. We’ve seen it all in our 20 years of experience.


Construction Site Cleaning

Need someone to remove a builder’s waste from your completed construction site? We’re pros at site cleaning and green waste removal in Melbourne.


Site Cutting

You can count on us to excavate and clear an area of land so that it’s ready for you to construct your building or property.

Material for Sale

In addition to our excavation services, we also sell rock, asphalt, soil, and sand at great prices. These include:

  • 20mm Rock
  • Recycled 20mm Rock
  • 40mm Rock
  • 40mm Drainage Rock
  • 75mm Rock
  • 100mm Rock
  • Screen Asphalt
  • Top Soil
  • Screen and Unscreened Sand

 Call us today on 0407 244 614 for a free quote.

Rock for sale

Where Our Excavation Services Are Available

Emlac Excavations is based in Cranbourne, Victoria, and we service a majority of Melbourne, and beyond. The best part is we’re available between 5am and 7pm, seven days a week.

Interested in Our Excavation Services? Get a Quote Today

For more information about the excavation services available at Emlac Excavations or to arrange a free quote, get in touch with us today. Construction is our passion, and we can’t wait to help you with your next project.


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